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Light leaks

Light leaks



The Sublime Life.

Happy Chinese New Year

Bouncing into the Rabbit Year!

So I will most likely be visiting gramps place in Indonesia and hopefully will be sharing some pictures from the kampung. 

There are two unfinished rolls in the cameras now, so definitely more pictures to be shared soon. 


Light and Shadows.

Light and Shadows.

What do you get when you put a bunch of film photographers, masks, little boys (and big boys), girls, beer, kites and bubbles together?

Mid-day Mayhem!

And serious sunburns. Waiting to see more pictures from the rest of the Lomotion folks who came to the event. It was absolutely fun and just great to meet so many of them.

Stay tuned for updates on the winner for this year’s 36 frames project.

Written by @luc_sohow, Part 1 of An Introduction To Film Photography

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